LDBS Academies Trust



All of our Schools have their own Local Academies Committee ('LAC'), which normally consists of the following persons:

• The (Executive) Headteacher

• The Deputy Headteacher / Head of School

• 2 Parents Governors

• 1 Staff Governor

• The Vicar of the Local Church(es)

• 4 Governors nominated by the School


All LAC governors are APPOINTED by the Board of Directors.


The Chair will normally be drawn from amongst the Local Academies Committee and appointed by the directors.

Every school receives a Schemes of Delegation, which has been approved by the Board of Directors, that details the powers delegated from the Directors to the LAC Governors. The Scheme of Delegation is reviewed annually by the Board of Directors.

The LACs are responsible for holding the School Leadership Team to account over school improvement, pupil support, finances, premises, resources management, religious education and collective worship. The LACs are also responsible for setting the admission criteria for their school, which must be based on distance so that the school continues to serve its local community.

We are sometimes asked to name the Christian values that we think are important. The list below is not exhaustive but is one that schools have found helpful: 

  • Reverence,
  • Thankfulness,
  • Humility,
  • Endurance,
  • Service,
  • Trust,
  • Peace,
  • Forgiveness,
  • Friendship,
  • Justice,
  • Hope,
  • Creation, and
  • Koinonia (Partnership).


Becoming a School Governor


School governors play a crucial role in supporting progressive school improvement and fostering the character of Church of England schools. This position offers immense satisfaction but comes with substantial responsibilities. Therefore, the LDBS Academies Trust takes great care in selecting individuals who meet the criteria for dedication, competencies, and personal circumstances.


The Role of a School Governor


Serving as a school governor is a wonderful way to contribute to and bolster a Church school. The LDBS Academies Trust has an impressive cohort of nearly 80 governors appointed across our 10 schools in London. These volunteers have a significant impact, and the schools rely heavily  on their contributions.  Many of our governors view their service as an expression of their own Christian devotion and commitment to serving others.

In LDBS Academies Trust schools, governors bear the responsibility of:

  • - Ensuring a clear Christian vision, ethos, and strategic direction.
  • - Holding the headteacher accountable for staff performance and the school's educational outcomes.
  • - Ensuring prudent financial management.

LDBS Academies Trust-appointed governors have a special obligation to ensure that their school aligns with the faith and practices of the Church of England while preserving and nurturing the Christian ethos of the institution. There is typically a board of trustees appointed by the original members of the Academy, along with elected parent and staff representatives.


Your Commitment


LDBS Academies Trust governors pledge to:

  • - Uphold and advance the Diocese of London's vision for children and young people within the school context.
  • - Promote the principles of good governance within the school.
  • - Dedicate adequate time to attend meetings, training sessions, engage in background reading, and occasionally visit the school during school hours.




Your Skills, Experience, and Knowledge



LDBS Academies Trust governors possess: 

  • - A strong commitment to the school, its leadership, and the community.
  • - Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • - The ability to offer supportive challenges, ask questions, and analyse effectively.
  • - Proficiency in literacy, numeracy, and fluency in the English language.
  • - Relevant skills, experience, and knowledge to contribute to the school's effective governance and success. These competencies may encompass:
  1. Understanding the legal and policy framework governing schools.
  2. Analysing performance data.
  3. Budgeting and ensuring financial efficiency.
  4. Overseeing performance management.
  5. Managing school premises.
  6. Handling employment issues, including grievances.
  7. Driving school improvement.
  8. Addressing children's welfare and social care.
  9. Focusing on mental health and well-being.
  10. Promoting community involvement.

Your Circumstances



LDBS Academies Trust governors must meet specific criteria:

  • - Be members of a Christian church.
  • - Comply with safeguarding requirements, including an enhanced DBS check.
  • - Provide two positive references from a headteacher, chair of governors, member of the clergy, or a professional acquaintance (references from friends are not accepted).
  • - Not be disqualified from serving as a governor (as indicated in Annex 1 of the form found at the end of this document)
  • - Serve a four-year term, with the possibility of renewal upon mutual agreement.
  • - While priority is given to applicants who are communicant members of a Church of England church or a church in communion with it, applications are also welcome from members of other churches affiliated with Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, the Evangelical Alliance, or the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches.


The LDBS Academies Trust actively seeks candidates from underrepresented ethnic groups in the UK to enhance the cultural diversity of our governing bodies.

Parents and school staff can make exceptional school governors. However, the LDBS Academies Trust does not appoint parents to the governing body of the school their child attends. Current parents are encouraged to run for election as parent governors in their child's school or apply to become LDBS Academies Trust governors at different schools.

Similarly, members of school staff can excel as school governors, gaining valuable experience for future leadership roles. However, the LDBS Academies Trust does not appoint staff to the governing body of the school where they are employed. Staff members are encouraged to stand for election as staff governors or apply to become LDBS Academies Trust governors at other schools.

If you are interested in becoming an LDBS Academies Trust foundation governor, please download and complete the Governor application form, available below. 



and post it to:

Nabil Khodabaccus 
LDBS Academies Trust
London Diocesan House
36 Causton Street

Or, alternatively, please email it to