LDBS Academies Trust

The Intent of Our RE Syllabus



All schools in the Trust have adopted the LDBS (London Diocesan Board for Schools) syllabus. This is then taught so that it resonates with the Trust’s vision and is firmly rooted in the context-based vision of each individual school.


  • To enable all children to become religiously literate.
  • To ensure RE enables all children to live life in all its fullness – vision for Education (Church of England and the LDBS Academy Trust)
  • To offer a systematic enquiry- based approach to the teaching of RE so that the following skills in children can be developed:
  • Ability to be critical thinkers and to engage critically with texts
  • Ability to ask deep and meaningful questions
  • Ability to make connections within and across religions and worldviews
  • Ability to reflect, respond and express their own religious, spiritual and/or philosophical convictions
  • Ability to make their own choices and decisions concerning religion and belief based on a deep knowledge and understanding of religions and worldviews, belief systems, values and practices.


The syllabus meets the legal requirements, and reflects the Church of England Statement of Entitlement for Religious Education.